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How to resolve the login issues?
Updated over a week ago

There may be several reasons you cannot log in to your trading account.

First, the server might not be correct. To check if this is the case, please go to ‘file‘ – ‘open an account’, and you can see all available trading servers.

Most reasons are generally related to your password or internet connection, and 90% of these issues can be solved by checking these points:

  1. Incorrect trading platform installed: We recommend you install and log in through the platform exclusively provided by

  2. Case sensitive: The field in the login window is case sensitive. Please make sure you correctly capitalise your login details.

  3. Extra space in the field: You may have mistakenly added an extra space in the field.

  4. The server is not connected: Your server may not be connected. You can discover the connection status of a server (and the latency in ms) by checking the list of trading servers. To check them, please go to ‘file‘ – ‘open an account‘. From here, you can see all available trading servers.

For further inquiries, kindly click on the Livechat icon located in the lower right corner of our website, or send an email to [email protected].

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